Starry Nights

I’m soo in love with this city:

this summer I have noticed that the council is putting on  shows during the week with all-time kiwi favourites.

Wellington City at night

And last night it was Fur Patrol.

Man , they were on fire. Loved the whole show, and all the extra bits: like Craig Terris and Tom Watson of Cassette, Adam Ladley and Nina Seigler of Family Cactus,  Jeremy Taylor and Claire.

I’m absolutely stoked how the Wellington music scene seems to be one big family, they all do their stuff in their individual bands, and are more than willing to join a gig and have fun!!

Videos will follow, it will take a while to process and edit the over an hour of footage 😉

Watch this space!


Well, this year is starting out pretty interesting. I have been to a couple of gigs already, varied experiences to put it mildly, and have just realized that for the next 6 weeks I could theoretically be out of the house every weekend.

I think, I might enjoy that more than my family. So, to placate them I’ve decided to “only” do the gigs, and not stay away for a full 48 hours as usual!

It’s quite a range:

from modern electronic

Gudrun GutGudrun Gut @Myspace

to psychodelic afro-beat

The Hot GritsThe Hot Grits @Myspace

to plain rocking out

Fur PatrolFur Patrol  @Myspace

to somewhat different

GingerbrownGingerbrown  @Myspace

I’m really looking forward to this month, and hopefully will come back with some great footage to show 😉

First post, of sorts :-)

I think I’ve got this sussed, til further notice, or change.

So, if you happen to have seen something here before , and it’s not in this particular spot, I either got tired of it, moved it to a different spot or lost it  😉


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So, this is home: windswept, isolated and breathtakingly beautiful.