3rd Monday of November 16.11.09

Well, this post is about just one band: the UK SUBS and their gig in Wellington last month! It was a blast, in more ways than I’d imagined.

A  big Thank You to Tim , the tour manager who had arranged for me to film the show!

And another big one to the guys, Charlie, Nicky, Jamie and Chema for pretty much letting me do what I thought I needed to get the film in the can!

“The more chaotic the better”.

Hopefully the clips haven’t ended up too chaotic and you can enjoy the show as much as I did. View them HERE!

On a sad note, the Bodega Blues Nights seem to have been suspended for the time being, the bar not only having regular gigs, but also hosting some heats of  Battle of the Bands National Championship. I’ve still got one Blues night to process though, and will put that up as soon as possible. Not to mention quite a few of other shows and gigs I have seen in the last couple of months, stay tuned.

1st Monday of November 2.11.09

An ad hoc, ad lib kind of entry for this time: been and seen quite a few fantastic gigs, and in the process got swamped with video footage.

There’s the last Blues Night at Bodega, The Et.Cetera Recordings showcase and last, but definitely not the least the UK SUBS in Wellington.  All with heaps of good stuff caught on tape, which will need to get put together nicely. Which of course, like all good things, takes time.

So, please be patient, for the next entry I should have some exciting goodies for you.

And here a few screen captures to get the appetite going.