3rd Monday of August, 17.8.09

For today, well tomorrow as it is still Sunday night here,  I have another reminder, wink wink, this WILL be happening every month: Thursday night is Blues Night at Bar Bodega again, and because it’s a school/work night we will be starting at 8pm.


Next up a review of last months Blues night, which was absolutely stunning! Thanks to EVERYONE who made it and contributed to a great night.

And then a few videos of Minuit’s  CD release gig at Sandwiches and the live set at Real Groovy in Wellington.

And this will have to be it for this time; I’ve been chewing through a few hours of video footage, and got heaps more coming. Yeah, more to look forward to for the next month.  😉

Enjoy and any comments more than welcome!

3rd Monday of July, 20.7.09


here I am again. And this time things are falling into place instead of around me in a heap of chaos.  😉

Or so I thought, unfortunately I’ve come down with something, and haven’t been able to type in the Checks review.

Hopefully I’ll have the rest up in a couple of days.

First up, for now,

a reminder the monthly Blues Night at Bar Bodega will be kicking off on Thursday, 23.7.09 at 8pm with another illustrious round of musicians and some hot sounds.

Have a peek at this little trailer I made, and hopefully it’ll get you itchin’ to be there!

Oh, and let me clarify something that “might” be misunderstood:  the musicians and Bodega have approved the clip, BUT it has not been created on their behalf.



1st Monday of July, 6.7.09

Second post and already/ again stuff that bothers and delays the process: I crashed the car and hurt my right arm. Fortunately nothing serious, but still painful and slow healing. As a result I’ve been able to do only a couple of things, first a short review of Bodegas’ Blues Night, a more detailed description of the individual acts still to come. And I’ll give you my thoughts on a new released CD, in tribute to Neu!, called ‘Brand Neu!‘ .
On top of that my video host has been having major problems and I had to go back to another one, accounting for the motley look in the video department from now on. Not to mention eating up my data allowance with unsuccessful uploads and wrecking my nerves in the process. Working on it, but haven’t found a reliable solution yet. Hopefully you will notice a difference once it is sorted.

Reminder: in Wellington the International Film Festival will start in about a week, and if all goes well, the next Bodega night will present the bluesey side of Led Zeppelin. WOOHOO!

15.6.09 Part II

And just to keep everyone on tender hooks, I think I will have to publish in two more lots.

Technical difficulties, broadband and upload issues and other stuff that delays.

Woohoo, another place that doesn’t deliver everything ALL AT ONCE!
I will have to work on a few things, so please bear with me while I learn.

There will be more Elston Gun videos coming, smaller files to be played here, the same ones as bigger and BETTER on YouTube, for now. Until I can afford an upgraded account on Vimeo. 😉
Also coming up another review: the Super Furry Animals and their latest release ‘Dark Days/Light Years’.

And last but not least the next gig I will be attending, and so should YOU! If you happen to live in Wellington, New Zealand. 😉


3rd Monday of June, aka 15.6.09

Today I’d like to bring a few items to your attention:

First of all, this Thursday, 18.6.09 will  see another Blues night presented at Bar Bodega in Wellington. The first show went down a treat , and I’m looking forward to this one: a Muddy Waters tribute.


Next up, New Zealand International Film Festival 09 is coming to  Wellington from 17.7 – 2.8.09. The film schedule is about to come out next weekend, so grab a copy and plan some audio-visual indulgence! Go with your best mate, go with your work mates, go by yourself, BUT GO!

And remember to book EARLY!


Another item on my to-do list for this blog, and an on-going item: collecting relevant information about live music venues: their locations, sizes, contact info, websites and whatever else might be relevant to night-time fun seekers and bands. And that will include a photo of their front entrances @ night. Once the weather cooperates with me.  😉

And last but not least: a review.

My opinion on Elston Gun’s Chaperone Release gig.

As always: comments, ideas and opinions appreciated.

NEVER, EVER judge a book by its cover….

…or a movie by a review!

I’ve just watched Once and LOVE it!

Unfortunately I had read a review that wasn’t too favourable, and missed that one at our local film festival last year, but I’m glad I managed to see it after all!

What stunned me most was to see  camera work executing perfectly what I’m trying to learn. I will have to find out more about the writer/director/camera operator John Carney.

Go and get it,  snuggle up and enjoy the music and life.



…well, I think I do.

I was having problems getting started on a piece about a band I like. I have heaps of material, video footage of sound check, audio of a little interview and footage of the live show. But, I just couldn’t decide what to write about: the gig, the band or just transcribe the interview?

Lightning struck, and I will tell you about:

My Date With Cassette.

It all started last year when I discovered Cassette ( @Myspace) via Fur Patrol ( @Myspace). Thomas Watson was looking after Julia’s guitars during their show and providing some backing vocals and percussion.

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Next thing I knew I was watching Thomas, Craig Terris (aka Cassette) and Andrew Bain (Fur Patrol) supporting Luke Buda ( @Myspace) at his CD release show. And was very much impressed: it was patently obvious that they all enjoyed playing together on stage and performing each others’ songs.

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After that show I kept hounding Thomas to keep me updated on any Cassette gigs coming up in Wellington. And soon an opportunity presented itself: they were going to play at the San Francisco Bath House (SFBH) as part of their album release tour for their new CD, The Jingle King, and they had agreed to let me film the sound check, the live show and answer a few questions!

On said afternoon I trekked to the venue with my gear in tow, bumping into them as they were lugging their amps up the stairs. My backpack suddenly felt a lot lighter. Once in, and setting up my camera it was interesting to observe the haphazardness of their setting up: musicians suddenly disappearing, various other bands coming and going, instruments being fixed, tuned and/or changed. And in the end it “just” all comes together for a run down of a couple of songs. They even managed to play one song three times for the benefit of a TV camera crew! As everything and everyone seemed to be running behind a bit, we agreed to have our chat in the evening, before the show, to give everyone a chance to get sorted and fed.

The evening approached and with recharged batteries I headed back to the venue. Despite being early, the place was humming with anticipation and I finally sat down with Thomas and a glass of wine.

Tom is one of those musicians who creates music for the love of it, and not the elusive fame and fortune that some others manage to acquire. It would be nice for once to more than break even, rather than pay out of their pockets for their tours, but it doesn’t stop or deter him and his fellow musicians doing what they love best: putting their lives and experiences into sounds and words, and share them with a select appreciative audience. And not just to bring out an album, and hope it’ll sell, but also tour the length and width of the country to experience the music with others in an intimate environment.

Cassette has been going now for a decade, with stints in Australia and overseas, and even though their albums have reached acclaim thoughout the South Pacific, the commercial success hadn’t followed. In the end they decided to head back home to whanau and friends and focus on the positive: music is fun, and making it should be too.

They might have accepted that “they’re not the hottest new thing coming out of NZ anymore”, but the enthusiasm and dedication of long time friends and new fans seems to make it worth their while to continue. Asked why, Tom reckoned that because they are not writing for a target audience, marketing is a lot harder, and therefore commercial success a lot harder to attain. His assumption that if their typical listener wasn’t here tonight to view the gig, or listen to the CD at home, they’d be more than likely to be reading a book to their kids, I think is bang-on! Which, as far as I’m concerned, is too nice to be labeled “cute” or “homely” and marketed!

Anyway, time was flying, the place filling up and the opening gigs starting, so I let him go and focused on filming the show.

The opening acts were Broadsword (aka The Sneaks @Myspace), and Lawrence Arabia ( @Myspace, support band: Broadsword) which proved to be real eye openers. All have very distinctly different styles, starting with right-out head banging punk with fancy dress (Broadsword) moving on to Pop/Rock/Psychedelic by Lawrence Arabia, who was releasing his new album, Chant Darling.

And as seems to be common among this particular family of musicians, by the end of the Lawrence Arabia set, all the other band members had joined him on stage and supported him with various vocal,percussion and trumpet interludes.

As soon as Cassette started the crowd settled into a comfortable groove in front of the stage and the bar. Which meant no close-up filming for me from the mosh pit! But, I had a good view from the back, and was able to get up close from the sides.

As a live gig is all about the interaction between audience and band, I try to interfere or obstruct as little as possible, which sometimes means just not being in the perfect place for EVERY shot. Mind you, I have had gigs, where the crowd/fans literally shove me in front of the stage, support me and the camera, and try to shepherd the musicians around the stage!

At this gig Cassette was supported by Luke Buda on gat/vox/keys and Andrew Bain on bass. And as seems to be traditional they played a few songs of Luke’s recent release, Vesuvius.

Cassette’s songs filled the place with thoughtful tunes, catchy rhythms, and despite being a break-up album, displayed your classic kiwi wry humour and showed the funny side of things: my favourite part: ‘Shadow’: “ I can’t stand it, ‘cause she’s singing all the time, …” And you’d have to listen to the whole song to get the full irony of course!

Well, again time was flying way too fast, and before we really knew it, DJ Samuel Flynn Scott ( @Myspace)was throwing out some nice songs to keep the people dancing and everyone had retired to the back. As they all were still high on adrenaline and exhausted from the long day, I bade my farewell, thanking them for this excellent opportunity to observe them at such close quarters, congratulating them on a great night and quietly packed up my gear.

The last thing to do now, is make the accompanying video, but as my editing skills are still developing, that might take a while.

Starry Nights

I’m soo in love with this city:

this summer I have noticed that the council is putting on  shows during the week with all-time kiwi favourites.

Wellington City at night

And last night it was Fur Patrol.

Man , they were on fire. Loved the whole show, and all the extra bits: like Craig Terris and Tom Watson of Cassette, Adam Ladley and Nina Seigler of Family Cactus,  Jeremy Taylor and Claire.

I’m absolutely stoked how the Wellington music scene seems to be one big family, they all do their stuff in their individual bands, and are more than willing to join a gig and have fun!!

Videos will follow, it will take a while to process and edit the over an hour of footage 😉

Watch this space!

Laut, Lauter, Am Lautesten

I’m rediscovering my heritage!


The german punk band Die Toten Hosen.

I first saw them in a small theatre in Bonn, Bad Godesberg, playing the music and some bits in ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Listening to the music now  I can still physically recall the sensation of my arms and legs tingling with the music.

Here’s the classic:  ‘Hier kommt Alex’

[MEDIA not found]

And this is their latest: ‘Strom’

[MEDIA not found]

More here!

PS: to view both videos you need to refresh in between 😉