1st Monday of November 2.11.09

An ad hoc, ad lib kind of entry for this time: been and seen quite a few fantastic gigs, and in the process got swamped with video footage.

There’s the last Blues Night at Bodega, The Et.Cetera Recordings showcase and last, but definitely not the least the UK SUBS in Wellington.  All with heaps of good stuff caught on tape, which will need to get put together nicely. Which of course, like all good things, takes time.

So, please be patient, for the next entry I should have some exciting goodies for you.

And here a few screen captures to get the appetite going.







3rd Monday of August, 17.8.09

For today, well tomorrow as it is still Sunday night here,  I have another reminder, wink wink, this WILL be happening every month: Thursday night is Blues Night at Bar Bodega again, and because it’s a school/work night we will be starting at 8pm.


Next up a review of last months Blues night, which was absolutely stunning! Thanks to EVERYONE who made it and contributed to a great night.

And then a few videos of Minuit’s  CD release gig at Sandwiches and the live set at Real Groovy in Wellington.

And this will have to be it for this time; I’ve been chewing through a few hours of video footage, and got heaps more coming. Yeah, more to look forward to for the next month.  😉

Enjoy and any comments more than welcome!

1st Monday of August, 3.8.2009

Hello, hello. Amazing how time flies!

Well, here I am finally with a short review and video of the last gig by The Checks, a couple of videos of The Tin Soldiers, who were opening for The Checks and a short summary of the movies I saw at the International Film Festival.

I also attended a Dimmer show, but wasn’t able to video, so all I can say is: if you like their sound, you’ll enjoy the shows!


MORE, More, more….

…of this:  thumping good music, great shows and great people to boot!

As you might have guessed: I had a FANTASTIC weekend 🙂

Just finished processing the stills of all the shows I saw:



Over The Atlantic




Elston Gun


More in the the photo section, and by the end of the week I will hope to have written up reviews of some of the gigs!

See you then!

The First One!

And here is the first clip, I finally managed to render and convert so it shows in widescreen 😉

The rest will go to the music video page, after of course being viewed and approved by Fur Patrol!

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And all the other videos need to be re-rendered and converted, so it will be some time before they all will be in widescreen.


Starry Nights

I’m soo in love with this city:

this summer I have noticed that the council is putting on  shows during the week with all-time kiwi favourites.

Wellington City at night

And last night it was Fur Patrol.

Man , they were on fire. Loved the whole show, and all the extra bits: like Craig Terris and Tom Watson of Cassette, Adam Ladley and Nina Seigler of Family Cactus,  Jeremy Taylor and Claire.

I’m absolutely stoked how the Wellington music scene seems to be one big family, they all do their stuff in their individual bands, and are more than willing to join a gig and have fun!!

Videos will follow, it will take a while to process and edit the over an hour of footage 😉

Watch this space!


Well, this year is starting out pretty interesting. I have been to a couple of gigs already, varied experiences to put it mildly, and have just realized that for the next 6 weeks I could theoretically be out of the house every weekend.

I think, I might enjoy that more than my family. So, to placate them I’ve decided to “only” do the gigs, and not stay away for a full 48 hours as usual!

It’s quite a range:

from modern electronic

Gudrun GutGudrun Gut @Myspace

to psychodelic afro-beat

The Hot GritsThe Hot Grits @Myspace

to plain rocking out

Fur PatrolFur Patrol  @Myspace

to somewhat different

GingerbrownGingerbrown  @Myspace

I’m really looking forward to this month, and hopefully will come back with some great footage to show 😉