1st Monday of August, 3.8.2009

Hello, hello. Amazing how time flies!

Well, here I am finally with a short review and video of the last gig by The Checks, a couple of videos of The Tin Soldiers, who were opening for The Checks and a short summary of the movies I saw at the International Film Festival.

I also attended a Dimmer show, but wasn’t able to video, so all I can say is: if you like their sound, you’ll enjoy the shows!


1st Monday of July, 6.7.09

Second post and already/ again stuff that bothers and delays the process: I crashed the car and hurt my right arm. Fortunately nothing serious, but still painful and slow healing. As a result I’ve been able to do only a couple of things, first a short review of Bodegas’ Blues Night, a more detailed description of the individual acts still to come. And I’ll give you my thoughts on a new released CD, in tribute to Neu!, called ‘Brand Neu!‘ .
On top of that my video host has been having major problems and I had to go back to another one, accounting for the motley look in the video department from now on. Not to mention eating up my data allowance with unsuccessful uploads and wrecking my nerves in the process. Working on it, but haven’t found a reliable solution yet. Hopefully you will notice a difference once it is sorted.

Reminder: in Wellington the International Film Festival will start in about a week, and if all goes well, the next Bodega night will present the bluesey side of Led Zeppelin. WOOHOO!

3rd Monday of June, aka 15.6.09

Today I’d like to bring a few items to your attention:

First of all, this Thursday, 18.6.09 will  see another Blues night presented at Bar Bodega in Wellington. The first show went down a treat , and I’m looking forward to this one: a Muddy Waters tribute.


Next up, New Zealand International Film Festival 09 is coming to  Wellington from 17.7 – 2.8.09. The film schedule is about to come out next weekend, so grab a copy and plan some audio-visual indulgence! Go with your best mate, go with your work mates, go by yourself, BUT GO!

And remember to book EARLY!


Another item on my to-do list for this blog, and an on-going item: collecting relevant information about live music venues: their locations, sizes, contact info, websites and whatever else might be relevant to night-time fun seekers and bands. And that will include a photo of their front entrances @ night. Once the weather cooperates with me.  😉

And last but not least: a review.

My opinion on Elston Gun’s Chaperone Release gig.

As always: comments, ideas and opinions appreciated.

NEVER, EVER judge a book by its cover….

…or a movie by a review!

I’ve just watched Once and LOVE it!

Unfortunately I had read a review that wasn’t too favourable, and missed that one at our local film festival last year, but I’m glad I managed to see it after all!

What stunned me most was to see  camera work executing perfectly what I’m trying to learn. I will have to find out more about the writer/director/camera operator John Carney.

Go and get it,  snuggle up and enjoy the music and life.


Watch this, warning, you might cry at the end

I have seen an amazing video today:

A TED talk held by Jill Bolte Taylor, a scientist studying brain functions who had suffered a stroke.

Stroke of Insight

I was absolutely blown away by her perfect awareness and description of the process of her brain shutting down.

Her description touched a nerve I have never been able to articulate: personally I feel like a walking paradox: a lot of things I do and say are obviously governed by my analytical linear  part of the brain, while on the other hand I will make life changing decisions that border on the mysterious.

And I haven’t even suffered a stroke!

But obviously both parts of my brain are continuously swapping who’s in charge. Swapping, not fighting, because, believe me, I’m quite happy with my life, and my sometimes odd appearing decisions!

And, if you take the time to watch the whole clip, I agree with her, that if we all would tune into our beautiful non-linear part of our brain, and feel at peace with the world, we could be living a more peaceful life.

And, YES, that is a message worth spreading.

Enjoy, and spend some time in lala land!  🙂


… the movie.  Directed by Christian Volckman, a black and white animated cyberpunk/sci-fi detective movie!


I LOVE the visuals!!


Having lived in Paris for a while myself, I thought it was amazing how they combined the old, classic, romantic views of Paris with modern, bleak, threatening  interpretations of the future.

It takes a while to get into it, but once the eyes have adjusted and the brain doesn’t expect a change to colour  it’s fascinating and gripping.