Recurring monthly event

Starting this month, on the 21st, the third Thursday of the month, Bar Bodega in Wellington will be hosting a blues night!


UNFORTUNATELY, I can’t come to the first session, but have firmly booked these Thursdays for the following months to come.

IF you are in Wellington, and looking for a chilled night out, go there and support the guys and gals heading the shows!!

Have fun, and DO tell me what it was like. 🙂


… the movie.  Directed by Christian Volckman, a black and white animated cyberpunk/sci-fi detective movie!


I LOVE the visuals!!


Having lived in Paris for a while myself, I thought it was amazing how they combined the old, classic, romantic views of Paris with modern, bleak, threatening  interpretations of the future.

It takes a while to get into it, but once the eyes have adjusted and the brain doesn’t expect a change to colour  it’s fascinating and gripping.