3rd Monday of January 18.1.2010

Hey, I’m back, only just.

Today I’ve got two fantastic sets to show: Harbour City Electric at the EtCetera Recordings showcase in October ’09 and the Jimi Hendrix Tribute with Mercury Crowe @ Bar Bodega’s Blues Night in September.

Last week I went and saw Mercury Crowe perform at the Soundshell in Wellington’s Botanical Gardens, part of the ASB Gardens Magic summer program. Awesome!!Β  If you’re in Welly town, head on down and enjoy some local music and an amazing lighting display throughout the gardens.

That set is currently getting edited, as well as the December installment of the Blues Night and I’m still trying to sort out Echoa.

Short and sweet, head on over to the videos, just follow the links and enjoy!

15.6.09 Part II

And just to keep everyone on tender hooks, I think I will have to publish in two more lots.

Technical difficulties, broadband and upload issues and other stuff that delays.

Woohoo, another place that doesn’t deliver everything ALL AT ONCE!
I will have to work on a few things, so please bear with me while I learn.

There will be more Elston Gun videos coming, smaller files to be played here, the same ones as bigger and BETTER on YouTube, for now. Until I can afford an upgraded account on Vimeo. πŸ˜‰
Also coming up another review: the Super Furry Animals and their latest release ‘Dark Days/Light Years’.

And last but not least the next gig I will be attending, and so should YOU! If you happen to live in Wellington, New Zealand. πŸ˜‰


New video up…

…for the Rosy Tin Teacaddy gig!

Have a look in the gig review section and enjoy a quiet lie-in with a good cuppa and an engrossing crossword puzzle!

// insert picture of a delicate bone china cup of tea, sitting steaming on a tray with fresh buttery croissants and the morning papers//

And here's one, curtesy of photobucket :-)

And here's one, curtesy of photobucket πŸ™‚


The First One!

And here is the first clip, I finally managed to render and convert so it shows in widescreen πŸ˜‰

The rest will go to the music video page, after of course being viewed and approved by Fur Patrol!

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And all the other videos need to be re-rendered and converted, so it will be some time before they all will be in widescreen.


Starry Nights

I’m soo in love with this city:

this summer I have noticed that the council is putting onΒ  shows during the week with all-time kiwi favourites.

Wellington City at night

And last night it was Fur Patrol.

Man , they were on fire. Loved the whole show, and all the extra bits: like Craig Terris and Tom Watson of Cassette, Adam Ladley and Nina Seigler of Family Cactus,Β  Jeremy Taylor and Claire.

I’m absolutely stoked how the Wellington music scene seems to be one big family, they all do their stuff in their individual bands, and are more than willing to join a gig and have fun!!

Videos will follow, it will take a while to process and edit the over an hour of footage πŸ˜‰

Watch this space!