3rd Monday of January 18.1.2010

Hey, I’m back, only just.

Today I’ve got two fantastic sets to show: Harbour City Electric at the EtCetera Recordings showcase in October ’09 and the Jimi Hendrix Tribute with Mercury Crowe @ Bar Bodega’s Blues Night in September.

Last week I went and saw Mercury Crowe perform at the Soundshell in Wellington’s Botanical Gardens, part of the ASB Gardens Magic summer program. Awesome!!  If you’re in Welly town, head on down and enjoy some local music and an amazing lighting display throughout the gardens.

That set is currently getting edited, as well as the December installment of the Blues Night and I’m still trying to sort out Echoa.

Short and sweet, head on over to the videos, just follow the links and enjoy!

1st Monday of December 7.12.09

Today you’re going to be in for a treat, got HEAPS of videos to look at!  First, clips of the Et Cetera Recordings showcase in October, then some of the last Blues night at Bodega in September, and some more of Black Stripes and White Keys ( aka Seamus Johnson and Hayden Linney of Elston Gun) last month!

ETCNUMBER3The showcase featured four bands: Andrew Moore Trio, Harbour City Electric, The Thomas Oliver Band and Elston Gun. Today I will bring you Elston Gun, and some of their best songs. Working on the rest, who will be featured in the following posts.

The Blues night featured this time  Darren Watson w/ Puba (aka Matt Swain) from OdESSA, Al Campbell and The Mighty Ramble, Random Russel – Man of mystery and Mercury Crowe performed The Blues of Jimi Hendrix.

And at an Elston Gun gig last month Seamus and Hayden presented their take on some Black Keys and White Stripes songs.

Get a drink and a nibble, sit back and enjoy!

3rd Monday of November 16.11.09

Well, this post is about just one band: the UK SUBS and their gig in Wellington last month! It was a blast, in more ways than I’d imagined.

A  big Thank You to Tim , the tour manager who had arranged for me to film the show!

And another big one to the guys, Charlie, Nicky, Jamie and Chema for pretty much letting me do what I thought I needed to get the film in the can!

“The more chaotic the better”.

Hopefully the clips haven’t ended up too chaotic and you can enjoy the show as much as I did. View them HERE!

On a sad note, the Bodega Blues Nights seem to have been suspended for the time being, the bar not only having regular gigs, but also hosting some heats of  Battle of the Bands National Championship. I’ve still got one Blues night to process though, and will put that up as soon as possible. Not to mention quite a few of other shows and gigs I have seen in the last couple of months, stay tuned.

1st Monday of November 2.11.09

An ad hoc, ad lib kind of entry for this time: been and seen quite a few fantastic gigs, and in the process got swamped with video footage.

There’s the last Blues Night at Bodega, The Et.Cetera Recordings showcase and last, but definitely not the least the UK SUBS in Wellington.  All with heaps of good stuff caught on tape, which will need to get put together nicely. Which of course, like all good things, takes time.

So, please be patient, for the next entry I should have some exciting goodies for you.

And here a few screen captures to get the appetite going.







1st Monday of October

Site is under construction!

Not this one, but our building site, which means the amount of time left to thoughtful processing of the gigs seen and heard is near nigh impossible.

I have been busy, on the actual site and on the videos, so for today I’ll just show you the remaining clips of the Elston Gun Led Zep tribute at Bar Bodega .

I’m working at the moment on The Thomas Oliver Band show from last month, over half way through!

And then of course  Bar Bodega’s Blues night last month.

But for now, as that piggy goes: ” Tha, tha, that’s all folks.”

3rd Monday of August, 17.8.09

For today, well tomorrow as it is still Sunday night here,  I have another reminder, wink wink, this WILL be happening every month: Thursday night is Blues Night at Bar Bodega again, and because it’s a school/work night we will be starting at 8pm.


Next up a review of last months Blues night, which was absolutely stunning! Thanks to EVERYONE who made it and contributed to a great night.

And then a few videos of Minuit’s  CD release gig at Sandwiches and the live set at Real Groovy in Wellington.

And this will have to be it for this time; I’ve been chewing through a few hours of video footage, and got heaps more coming. Yeah, more to look forward to for the next month.  😉

Enjoy and any comments more than welcome!

1st Monday of August, 3.8.2009

Hello, hello. Amazing how time flies!

Well, here I am finally with a short review and video of the last gig by The Checks, a couple of videos of The Tin Soldiers, who were opening for The Checks and a short summary of the movies I saw at the International Film Festival.

I also attended a Dimmer show, but wasn’t able to video, so all I can say is: if you like their sound, you’ll enjoy the shows!


3rd Monday of July, 20.7.09


here I am again. And this time things are falling into place instead of around me in a heap of chaos.  😉

Or so I thought, unfortunately I’ve come down with something, and haven’t been able to type in the Checks review.

Hopefully I’ll have the rest up in a couple of days.

First up, for now,

a reminder the monthly Blues Night at Bar Bodega will be kicking off on Thursday, 23.7.09 at 8pm with another illustrious round of musicians and some hot sounds.

Have a peek at this little trailer I made, and hopefully it’ll get you itchin’ to be there!

Oh, and let me clarify something that “might” be misunderstood:  the musicians and Bodega have approved the clip, BUT it has not been created on their behalf.



1st Monday of July, 6.7.09

Second post and already/ again stuff that bothers and delays the process: I crashed the car and hurt my right arm. Fortunately nothing serious, but still painful and slow healing. As a result I’ve been able to do only a couple of things, first a short review of Bodegas’ Blues Night, a more detailed description of the individual acts still to come. And I’ll give you my thoughts on a new released CD, in tribute to Neu!, called ‘Brand Neu!‘ .
On top of that my video host has been having major problems and I had to go back to another one, accounting for the motley look in the video department from now on. Not to mention eating up my data allowance with unsuccessful uploads and wrecking my nerves in the process. Working on it, but haven’t found a reliable solution yet. Hopefully you will notice a difference once it is sorted.

Reminder: in Wellington the International Film Festival will start in about a week, and if all goes well, the next Bodega night will present the bluesey side of Led Zeppelin. WOOHOO!

15.6.09 Part II

And just to keep everyone on tender hooks, I think I will have to publish in two more lots.

Technical difficulties, broadband and upload issues and other stuff that delays.

Woohoo, another place that doesn’t deliver everything ALL AT ONCE!
I will have to work on a few things, so please bear with me while I learn.

There will be more Elston Gun videos coming, smaller files to be played here, the same ones as bigger and BETTER on YouTube, for now. Until I can afford an upgraded account on Vimeo. 😉
Also coming up another review: the Super Furry Animals and their latest release ‘Dark Days/Light Years’.

And last but not least the next gig I will be attending, and so should YOU! If you happen to live in Wellington, New Zealand. 😉