International Film Festival in Wellington

These are the seven movies I actually managed to see:

I’ve left the summaries/critiques from the original brochure, and will just add my two cents worth it.  😉


I can do nothing  but wholeheartedly agree with the description and evaluation of this movie!


What it’s like to be blind one will never know, unless you do go blind. And putting on a mask for a time is not the same, because one knows it will come off eventually. This premise made this movie interesting for me: how a seeing director would approach it! And I loved how his way showed beautifully, that being blind makes no difference to the multitude of ways people experience love and life.

The worries of a teenager might be about a different topic, but ultimately it’s the same: will I be accepted and loved for who I am?! The anxiety of a mother, wanting to do the best for her children. A music teacher passing on the passion for music and creating an exhilarating and inspiring concert. A man in love having not only to overcome social prejudices against his disability , but also his origin to be with his love and start a family.

Love doesn’t care whether one is seeing or blind. Fortunately!


Beautiful cinematography, a bit of wry humour at times and an interesting dialogue about dreams and destiny made this film the perfect start to the festival for me.


Great, thoroughly recommend this one: it gets them grey cells thinking, and has quite a bit of humour to it. But most of all I LOVED the musicality of Cornel West’s rantings and his constant reference to the Blues. I haven’t found anything yet, but if anyone knows if he has ever created any music , let me know.


Wow, what a mind!

I don’t really want to discuss whether he did commit murder or not, only he will truly know. But, I was amazed to find him the author of so many songs I grew up with! Mind blowing, in more than one way. Not for the faint of heart, as his attitude might upset the more sensitive souls.


I suppose there had to be a first at some time, but this is the first movie that disappointed me a bit: instead capturing the feeling of free choice and creative momentum, to me it only showed the drunken and debauchedness of the two – three day festivals. The filmed music acts, too far and few in between, didn’t manage to convey the idea, of showcasing innovative music which is not part of the mainstream. Which to me is what ATP stands for, but then again , maybe I got that wrong.


And the Best for last! This is the most inspirational movie about music I have seen for a while. The intensity, beautifully directed and filmed, and the pure joy shining out of Jimmy Pages’ eyes when he plays a favourite record. Each of the guitarists brings something totally unique to the music, but they have one thing in common: dedication and absolute love and respect for the music.

That’s  me for this year, I’m hoping to catch up on TV with a few movies I couldn’t see. And wondering what next year will bring.  😉

2 thoughts on “International Film Festival in Wellington

  1. congratulations on filming uk subs.could you copy that gig on2 a disk and if so would it cost me?
    old skool punk 77

  2. Hi James, thank you very much. You’d have to ask the UK SUBS first if they’d be ok with it. Let me know and we’ll talk about the rest.

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