Rosy Tin Teacaddy ‘The Homeward Stretch’

Rosy Tin Teacaddy are Billy Earl and Betty Grey, aka singer, song writer and long time friends Holly Jane Ewens and Andy Hummel. In June 2007 they released their first album ‘Blind Leading The Blind’ , and have been busy working on a follow up: ‘The Homeward Stretch’.

RTT is firmly settled in the ballad folk genre, and when I first came across ‘The Homeward Stretch’ it only left a moderate impression behind. But to be fair, I’m you’re classic drumming punk girl, and so I thought I’d better go and see them live first before settling on a firm opinion. Having enjoyed their live show thoroughly I went back to the album and it is steadily growing on me.

The album contains 11 tracks, which were recorded with the additional talents of Janet Holborow (cello, piano), Ben Fulton ( electric and acoustic guitar, effects) Alistair Fraser ( bass), Lee Prebble ( lap steel), Kirsten Johnstone ( flute), Rebekah Greig ( piano accordion), Rhian Sheehan ( Glockenspiel) and Raashi Sheehan ( Vocals). The first tracks settle one’s ears firmly in the folk ballad style: Crosswords and Mercy building up the tension to the bittersweet Deliverance. While the following Bangers and Mash, Visitors and Pickle Pot offer a different, skewered and bizarre vision of life in New Zealand, Chestnut will leave you with the exhilerating feeling that no matter how much the other half will annoy you, you wouldn’t wanna be without them! And then there’s Braille: taking OCD and relationships to a whole new level of interaction.

Delivered in a pleasant and memorable ballad style, with quirky topic choices and witty song-writing, this CD is proving to be a winner. I have no other explanation why I would wake up several times in the morning humming Braille and Deliverance!

And to quote someone else, all the songs have me “shiver with an … ti … ci … pa … tion” for the pun lines!

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