Gingerbrown – Who Scared Who

The madness of Gingerbrown cannot easily be understood unless you have seen them live, but I will try to convey some of it, which can be heard and felt with their latest release “Who Scared Who”.

The Wellington trio, Joe Dobson, Lawrence Taula and Matthew Armitage have followed up their live EP with a lively full-length album. Their sound is reminiscent of the psychedelic music of the Sixties, but has the added bonus of a mad drummer in charge of the beats.

While they ease you gently into the 60’s groove with ‘Til Daylight Comes’, by the time they hit ‘It’s The Weekend’ it’s full steam ahead. The contrasting tempo and vocals – all within one song – going from gentle dreamy to howling mad evoke a weekend haze.The extremes continue with ‘Blinded By The Light’ and Boston Dance’ which feature the fastest fingers in the South Pacific on the organ and a drum solo that gets your blood pumping to an ancient beat. The title track ‘Who Scared Who’ increases in tempo and completes the feeling of total mayhem. With ‘Now Should Be The Time’ they gently ease you back down to earth with a nice and easy pop/rock/marching tune while maintaining the momentum of fun.

The lyrics are suitably obscure at times, articulating a sensual awakening and the primal sensations of physical and spiritual freedom.

They have made the most of the advantages of a controlled studio recording, Lawrence’s vocals perfectly balanced, Joe’s drumming impeccably furious and Matthew’s guitar shining.

For a raving good time on the dance floor I can only highly recommend this; I was struggling during their live gig to keep the camera steady!

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