Doves ‘Kingdom of Rust’

Doves – Kingdom of Rust

For the past couple of weeks I have been listening now to ‘Kingdom of Rust’ and have to say “I like it!”

As a Dove newcomer I’m pleasantly reminded of what constitutes good music to me: beats that get into your blood, riffs and breaks that create diversity without interrupting the dance flow and vocals creating an interesting counter balance to the instruments.

Having had ample time and fun dancing in the 80’s discos and clubs I find it amusing, interesting and at times bewildering to discover the abundance of new music reminiscent of that style. I’d be one of the first ones to admit there have been truly cringe and horror inducing elements in the fashion and music industry at that time, BUT at the same token I’d defend the pure joy and pleasure that could be experienced.

The latest album of the Doves captures some of the highlights of that era: hypnotic strong dance beats, which are off-set by intriguing instrumental choices and memorable vocals. Listening to Jimi Goodwins’ voice – backed by Andy and Jez Williams – I’m reminded of the pop-ballads way back then.

And not wanting to upset any Mancunians out there, it brings visions of time lapsed jet plane flights over rugged Scottish mountains and moors. With that in mind, if you’re planning a long road trip, not the Thelma & Louise kind, take this album with you as your musical companion.

All in all, I’m pleased to have discovered them and look forward to exploring their earlier works.

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