As you might have read, I LOVE music that gets under my skin, makes my blood boil, my head spin with unusual  ideas and appreciate the diversity of life around me. As I’m not as accomplished a drummer as I would like to be,  I want to try to share my experiences of music through my photography and videos as I explore the Wellington music scene.

The videos will be my interpretation of that particular groups’ performance that particular night, so …. highly biased.

Oh, and by the way, I’d rather just talk about the events that impressed me, it’s always easy to slag of the bad stuff,

but I’d rather focus on the great.  😉


So, here will be reviews of gigs I’ve seen, cd’s I listened to and venues.

The gig reviews will contain a teaser photo or video, the rest can be viewed and critiqued in the more extensive photo or video section.


And as for the venues review, I’d really appreciate it , if bands could leave a comment, whether they agree with my opinion!

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