Minuit 3.4.09

Minuit @ San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, New Zealand.


Dance, Dance, Dance!

On Friday night it was Minuit at the BathHouse and for once I wished I had been cloned: one of me to film the show and the other one to dance shamelessly with the heaving crowd!

Minuit presented a mix of favourites from their albums ’The 88’ and ‘The Guards Themselves’ and new songs to be released in June/July this year.

‘Wayho’ got the crowd well started and they continued to keep it moving to the thumping beats of ‘Except You”, ‘Bury You In Brazil’ , ‘RunRun’ & ’25 Bucks’.

Unfortunately a fire alarm and evacuation spelt a half hour of interruption, for the set to resume with a different kind of attraction: Paul and Ryan on acoustic guitars ( Gretsch, YUM) playing ‘The Boy With Aubergine Hair’ and introducing another new one ‘Vampires’, which was proving to be quite a hit with the revellers. Quickly followed by ‘Fuji’ and ‘Lock The Doors,..’ the fans were back in full swing and enjoying the breaks and beats washing over them, with Ruth’s voice giving the whole set her particular edge to it. Another new one , ‘Aotearoa’ was made very welcome, of course, and continued the high energy and quirky dance mood. As they finished with ‘Menace’ and ‘Room Full Of Cute’ the crowd joined ecstatically.

It feels a bit hard to fairly judge a gig that had to pause for a while for a fire alarm, as it takes all that much more effort to get the crowd started and in the swing again, but I have to say, they did it and made sure everybody got their fair share of DANCE that night! Even though supposedly – according to Paul – the new songs still need a bit of fine tuning and tweaking for a live performance I thoroughly enjoyed them and look forward to their new album, and the release party of course!

Here a clip of ‘Menace’ and ‘Room Full Of Cute’


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