Minuit 31.7.09

What a day!

Minuit have been performing a serious of shows to promote their new album ‘Findmebeforeidiealonelydeath’. Very generously they had agreed to let me film them on their Wellington leg of the tour.

In the afternoon I was able to see them perform an acoustic set at Real Groovy and have to say, that I just love how they transform their songs by using only two guitars. Here’s my favourite, and you can interpret what you like into it 😉


Then it was straight down to Sandwiches to set up for the night. What a pleasant and helpful team I found there! I look forward to filming there again!

Off to the movies in between, and what an inspiring music film it was: “It Might Get Loud”. Out , back to Sandwiches for some dinner and chats and then the show.

What can I say?


I had assumed a decent crowd to assemble, judging from my last experience, but this one sure took the cake. They wanted Minuit, and they wanted them BADLY! Right from the start they were heaving, crushing in front of the stage and singing along. Dancing furiously and pushing an amp over, crawling behind the curtain to get closer to the stage and jumping on stage to crowd surf. It was a privilege to watch such an enthusiastic reception from the safety of the back stage.

Here are a few clips, with my favourite of that gig being  Aotearoa.


All in all this has to have been the best music day of my life so far.

I sure hope more will follow! 😉

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