Elston Gun: Led Zeppelin Tribute @ Bodega 20.8.09

Elston Gun: another wild card which led the night to an all time high!  Their tribute to the blues by Led Zeppelin might have been stretching the envelope for some purists, but it was a fantastic set, certainly catching the spirit of the music and getting people to dance. And as the end approached, the levee broke and the fire alarm went off! After a short break, with all the bells and whistles, they resumed, finishing The Levee and playing some more of their own songs! It seemed as if Shay wouldn’t/couldn’t or just plain didn’t want to stop, but eventually they did and left everyone on a high looking forward to the next night.

Here are the clips, I’m hoping to put the whole show up, if it’s ok with the boys, but it will take me a while, so keep the RSS on for updates!

And here are the last clips:

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