Clap Clap Riot 19.6.09

Clap Clap Riot

Another pleasant discovery this year: Clap Clap Riot presented songs of their first EP and some new materials as they opened for The Checks in Wellington. Their speedy beats, danceable bass lines and great guitar and vocals warmed up the crowd in no time!

For some reasons unknown to me, for now that is, they remind me of my favourite german punk band in their earlier days, Die Toten Hosen. Not sure if it’s the youthful earnestness or just the love for great sounding music. I’d have to see and hear more of them, which I hopefully will.

But for now they presented themselves as musicians with a good sense of professionalism that didn’t let Stephen loose a beat over the microphone malfunctioning!

Their passion and commitment shone through their performance and I hope, they’ll be coming back to Wellington soon. For now a few clips, and go to their Myspace to hear the songs in better quality!

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