Another blog is up and running. About my other life as Mother Hen to all sorts of critters and student of old crafts.

If you’re interested , Alter Ego is the place to go.

If not, please don’t hold your breath, more music videos will come, but I just don’t know when.

Peace and out for now,


1st Monday of September, 6.9.10

I said I was busy??!!

Last weekend I went to another show at The Garden Club and had a great night. I had decided to get out the “old” dSLR and take stills instead of videos. And just as well, a huge crowd , lots of dancing and singing would have made that a hard one to film.

So here we are, Supermodel, The Earlybirds and Mercury Crowe in all their glory!

And if you want to see more pics just go into the respective folders: Mercury Crowe, The Earlybirds and Supermodel. 🙂

Just a short note….

… this blog hasn’t died, yet.

I have been extremely busy in the past months: thinking about re-structuring, new goals and challenges and how to further my love for music.

Also a few videos have been made, which will in the near future get showcased, so please, bear with me and come back in a couple of weeks.

1st Monday of May, 3.5.2010

Well, computer problems still abound, I’m in the process of recovering as many of the clips as I can from the tapes.

So, short and not necessarily sweet, no clips today.

Fortunately the last EtCetera showcase is still on the tapes, so in the next weeks you can look forward to those.

See you in a fortnight then!

Disaster has struck…

…  and my external hard drive is not talking to the computer anymore. Unfortunately it contains all my music ( sob) AND the video files of my most recent outings, namely the one most missed, the latest EtCetera showcase.  A technician has offered to delve into it and recover what he can, but for now it should be assumed they are LOST!  So, the next videos will come from Homegrown in Wellington a couple of months back. But that’ll take a while.

In the time, why don’t you vote another couple of times for my Mint Chicks ‘Bad Buzz’ video.

As they say, EVERY vote counts!

3rd Monday of March, 15.3.2010

Last month I was able to watch and record a show with Grant Hart. Now, truth be told, I had never heard of him until then and was wondering what to expect! What a revelation, he had me going to the library the next day and checking out his and the Hüsker Dü back catalogue ! His lyrics spoke to a lot of hearts and minds, and it was quite enchanting to watch the faces of the audiences, transformed into the youths who grew up with his songs.

Here now a couple of my favourites of that night, unfortunately the sound wasn’t too good, so for the Devils Elbow clip I tried to use the audio from their new EP “KO”

3rd Monday of February 15.2.10

Well, talk about famous last words, I don’t know where time went and it sure flew over my head and out of the window.

But I have something to show as well:  a couple of sets from Bodegas’ Blues nights and some clips from the  Mercury Crowe gig at the Soundshell, in the Botanical gardens in Wellington.

From the December Blues night it’s Dan Green and introducing Dave Bassett on harp! And from the first show of the new year presenting a young fella with an old blues name, Louis Baker, presenting a couple of covers and own songs.

As usual, enjoy, leave a comment if you feel like it,

and see you soon.

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