And for something new!

At the beginning of this year I had the wonderful opportunity to see Charles Bradley live in Wellington. The year before I had seen the documentary about him and really got into his music. And while discovering his music I found a lot of new favourites: Menahan Street Band (his recording band), Antibalas and Sharon Jones. All with Daptone records, a NY based outfit.

I REALLY enjoyed his first record ‘No Time For Dreaming’ and wondered what a live performance of these songs would be like. So when the gig came up I didn’t hesitate to buy my tickets.

What a night! I’m a live gig kinda girl, when I go to a show I don’t expect to hear the sound as immaculate as on the record, but want to see some sweat and tears. Some emotions, interactions with the audience, the live feed between artist and audience that can make a room feel electric and make everyone feel alive to the point of exploding.

Well, considering his heavy touring schedule and age, he did deliver what I had expected! I loved the night and even though some of the stage antics proved a tad too much for some, and personally I was glad I wasn’t dead center in front of the stage, I was more than happy for having organized this particular night out and seen the man in person.

As for video footage, I was only able to record with my little point&shoot, which means light control and sound recording is more than mediocre and I couldn’t keep it as steady as I would’ve liked. But here it is anyway.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The Countdown is on …

… and I have joined the mass hysteria. My oh my!

I have never, ever bought anything “Super deluxe edition” but this year will be a first for that.

The Led Zeppelin re-issues of their first three albums are on my shopping list!

//insert audio of happy excited piglet squealing//

And what a better way to celebrate than to re-post some of my videos of a Led Zep tribute by Elston Gun way back in … oh, let me think …2009!!!!!