Blues Night 3

For this night Bodega had assembled known favourites and secured the performance by Adam Page from Adelaide, Australia.

First up, on MC duty and filling in a slot for a sick friend was Darren Watson. Well over his cold from last month, he was belting out his songs with an infectious energy and passion. This time he treated us to his amazing full vocal range and some exquisite lyrical tidbits. Raucous, full of life and experience, and not shy sharing it, his is a performance to behold. If you can, GO AND SEE HIM LIVE!

Next up a performance by Michael Melbourne on acoustic guitar, his son Toby on Banjo and Beaverhat Kent on Harmonica and vocals. Michael’s guitar play was beautiful to listen to and the threesome performance an interesting example of jamming fun! Thanks for the impromptu sharing of music.

Followed by Dave Murphy and Dougal Speir, founding fathers of Kiwi Blues, giving us a taste of their talents. What they managed to do with their acoustic guitars needs to be seen and heard to be appreciated. Dougal’s handy fingerwork was the perfect addition to Dave’s vocals and the more than ironic vocals of some of the songs. The crowd should have been a bit quieter to fully comprehend what was happening on the stage, but they enjoyed it nonetheless.

Afterwards it was The Mighty Ramble, giving us another demonstration of their danceable Blues with some classics and new tunes. Interesting!

And then it was Ed Zuccollo, Adam Page and Tom Grace. Their’s was the wild card of the evening and they sure played it! If I had to put a label on their style I’d call it free-style jazz-infused Blues, but mainly it was three guys having unadulterated fun on the Hammond organ, saxophone and drums. And as we found out during the show, they had never met and practised before! Adam Page, hailing from Adelaide, Australia for a stint at Wellington’s Circa Theatre as part of the Fringe Festival, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to play some more music and spread the vibes. Later on they were joined by Al Campbell, Beaverhat Kent and Neil Billington on harmonica to finish an exhilarating set.

This is what music is and should be about!

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