Blues Night 2: Muddy Waters

For the second installment of the blues night, Bar Bodega had thought about paying tribute to one of Blues’ greatest legends, Muddy Waters.

The night kicked off with a raw solo by  Darren Watson: unfortunately he was under the weather a bit and didn’t feel comfortable me filming his whole gig from all angles, but if his performance is anything to go by that night, I HAVE to make sure to catch him at his regular slot at The Lido.  As it was I  recorded him from the back, and he was happy enough to have the following clip go public:

Next up was another solo act, Thomas Oliver and his take on blues! Having listened to his last album “Every Penny”  and with this performance in mind, I can’t wait for the bands’ newest album. Which is in the production process. So soon hopefully.

Then came the first tribute band, The Mighty Ramble and truly got the blues out.

And last , but definitely not least The Charcoal White. By this stage the people were really keen to get on the dance floor, and they provided them with some good rhythms and shuffles.

‘Someone To Blame’

And as a parting comment for this post: as is apparent by the use of two different video hosts, neither seems to be 100% reliable. Personally, I’d like this particular look of my site to be a bit more tidy, and will continue to work on it. Comments, suggestions more than welcome. 🙂

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