Yay, more music again!

After a VERY long time without, I had been with some great musicians last month. A very fortunate constellation of stars meant I finally got to see and hear Matt Langley and that same night experience a group of musicians on their Rough House Revival tour.

As I was working my way through Matt’s performance, my external hard drive died on me and the remaining material is gone. Not completely fortunately, as I still got the tapes, but for now I’m stumped and have to make do with what I got. Which is four tracks from his upcoming new CD, Virginia Avenue. Hopefully coming out this year. When it does,and the ensuing CD release tour, I will be shouting it from the roof tops. Well, here and Facebook roof tops that is.

You might get the impression I like him? You’re right! Not only is he a great singer and songwriter, but a nice chap as well.  The nice chap part you have to take my word for it, but as for the music, have a look and judge for yourself:



and the next two I’ll keep for next week!

see you then.