The Greenhornes 20.1.11

What a night!!

It was supposed to be The Black Keys¬† with The Greenhornes opening for them. That didn’t happen as the Keys cancelled due to exhaustion. Even though I was MIGHTILY disappointed I can understand, they’ve had an incredibly exhausting 2010, touring most of it.¬† But the people at Bar Bodega managed to pull a fast one and there I was, seeing the Greenhornes live for the first time. Not knowing their sound intimately, but having heard in an interview that their live performances are quite a treat to experience, I was quite intrigued to hear and see for myself.

Gradually the crowd was warming up and getting whipped into a decent frenzy by their songs. And so was I, well as much as in a frenzy as one can be while trying to photograph. And I have to say, as much as I enjoyed listening to the CD’s, I definitely enjoyed the live stuff MORE!

So, here some of the pics, enjoy!

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