The Greenhornes 20.1.11

What a night!!

It was supposed to be The Black Keys  with The Greenhornes opening for them. That didn’t happen as the Keys cancelled due to exhaustion. Even though I was MIGHTILY disappointed I can understand, they’ve had an incredibly exhausting 2010, touring most of it.  But the people at Bar Bodega managed to pull a fast one and there I was, seeing the Greenhornes live for the first time. Not knowing their sound intimately, but having heard in an interview that their live performances are quite a treat to experience, I was quite intrigued to hear and see for myself.

Gradually the crowd was warming up and getting whipped into a decent frenzy by their songs. And so was I, well as much as in a frenzy as one can be while trying to photograph. And I have to say, as much as I enjoyed listening to the CD’s, I definitely enjoyed the live stuff MORE!

So, here some of the pics, enjoy!


Another blog is up and running. About my other life as Mother Hen to all sorts of critters and student of old crafts.

If you’re interested , Alter Ego is the place to go.

If not, please don’t hold your breath, more music videos will come, but I just don’t know when.

Peace and out for now,


Happy New Year! 1st Monday of 2011

I’m back? Maybe.

I’ve got hours/days of video footage to process and edit, and I just can’t see when I will find the time to do it.

And hopefully more to come as I’m going to see the Black Keys in Wellington this month!!  I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!

I’m thinking of having a second blog with bits and pieces of my other life, but will have to think about how and where to organize that.

In the mean time I wish you all the best, and send me some time!!!

Keep rockin’ and rollin’,