3rd Monday of August 16.8.10

Spring is in the air and I’m busy.

In the garden and the clubs, and last Saturday I went to The Garden Club to see Mile High, Fire Danger and Mercury Crowe.

Got some great footage, now just need to process it.

This is getting now to a point where my expectations and limits collide: not enough time to do the clips how I want to. So: instead of presenting quickies, I’ll be publishing once a month.

Stay tuned and check out your local music scene!

1st Monday of August, 2.8.10

So, what’s happened in the last couple of  months? More than I can manage to process in my part-time capacity as music blog video maker! But I’ve got some to show you, so fear not. First up a couple of promo clips for Elston Gun, taken during various sessions in the past year. The titles were done by Charl Laubscher, and I think they’re hot! Also, I’ve got a couple of clips of The Lost Boys, when they opened for Elston Gun together with the The Slur Tones, who opened my eyes and ears to new bands to stalk, ahem follow their progress.

For work in progress: well the latest gig by The Checks in Wellington and the Slur Tones, and I am soooo going to try and get some more of the Homegrown footage processed. Which would be Pluto, Motocade and Bang Bang Eche!

til then, enjoy for now.