3rd Monday of March, 15.3.2010

Last month I was able to watch and record a show with Grant Hart. Now, truth be told, I had never heard of him until then and was wondering what to expect! What a revelation, he had me going to the library the next day and checking out his and the Hüsker Dü back catalogue ! His lyrics spoke to a lot of hearts and minds, and it was quite enchanting to watch the faces of the audiences, transformed into the youths who grew up with his songs.

Here now a couple of my favourites of that night, unfortunately the sound wasn’t too good, so for the Devils Elbow clip I tried to use the audio from their new EP “KO”

1st Monday of March, 1.3.10

For this post I was a bit in a quandary: what to edit and publish, as I had seen so many different acts in the last couple of weeks. I thought a change of routine for now might be appropriate: instead of showcasing one gig with all the clips, I’ll bring you one of each.

Now,  who did I see:

Grant Hart, with support from Devils Elbow at the San Francisco Bath House.

And Homegrown along the Wellington waterfront. With the permission of two bands,  I was able to get a Media Pass and had decided to set myself up at the Indie Stage; didn’t fancy the thought of lugging the cameras all over the place. Having gone through the process of getting the pass, setting the gear up, acquainting myself with the place and people  I checked out who else was keen to let me film. In the end, and a very spectacular end I might say,  I had filmed six out of nine bands. I think I could have covered all, but I was just shattered, and needed to take a break in between some gigs. All in all I have to say, well worth the effort!

So, first up,

The Mint Chicks ‘Welcome To Nowhere’.

As this was my first encounter I was pleased to see such a full-on stage show, got heaps of footage, and managed to capture the climbing activities as well! I thoroughly enjoyed their driving and hypnotic sounds. So, choosing the first clip to edit was a bit hard, but as the opener worked so well for me on all levels, here it is:

The next one is by The Checks: ‘Crows’

Keep checking back, as I’ll finish more clips and hopefully get them approved, more will be trickling throughout the next weeks.