3rd Monday of September 21.9.09

A day late due to internet issues due to gale winds!

But here it is, chocca bloc full of videos!

And all from one night: Bar Bodega’s Blues night. This time I’ve done it a bit different: just one clip on the Bodega page, and then the whole rest on the band’s page. I just want to share the whole lot, and putting it all on one page might just crash one or the other computer. 😉

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1st Monday of September, 7.9.09

For this issue I’d like to tidy up a few loose ends: Clap Clap Riot’s gig a couple of months ago, Family Cactus, Devils Elbow and Cougar Cougar Cougar !

And  teaser clips from  Bodega’s blues night last month! What a ripper!

The past months have been very interesting, as I have been to see a range of bands, acquired a third camera and now coming to grips with multiple video and audio track editing. The most interesting bit, and up lifting are the experiences with the bands: all have been very helpful and interested in my work. Which makes putting in the hours so much more rewarding. Hopefully the results justify the efforts.