3rd Monday of August, 17.8.09

For today, well tomorrow as it is still Sunday night here,  I have another reminder, wink wink, this WILL be happening every month: Thursday night is Blues Night at Bar Bodega again, and because it’s a school/work night we will be starting at 8pm.


Next up a review of last months Blues night, which was absolutely stunning! Thanks to EVERYONE who made it and contributed to a great night.

And then a few videos of Minuit’s  CD release gig at Sandwiches and the live set at Real Groovy in Wellington.

And this will have to be it for this time; I’ve been chewing through a few hours of video footage, and got heaps more coming. Yeah, more to look forward to for the next month.  😉

Enjoy and any comments more than welcome!

1st Monday of August, 3.8.2009

Hello, hello. Amazing how time flies!

Well, here I am finally with a short review and video of the last gig by The Checks, a couple of videos of The Tin Soldiers, who were opening for The Checks and a short summary of the movies I saw at the International Film Festival.

I also attended a Dimmer show, but wasn’t able to video, so all I can say is: if you like their sound, you’ll enjoy the shows!