The First One!

And here is the first clip, I finally managed to render and convert so it shows in widescreen 😉

The rest will go to the music video page, after of course being viewed and approved by Fur Patrol!

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And all the other videos need to be re-rendered and converted, so it will be some time before they all will be in widescreen.


Starry Nights

I’m soo in love with this city:

this summer I have noticed that the council is putting on  shows during the week with all-time kiwi favourites.

Wellington City at night

And last night it was Fur Patrol.

Man , they were on fire. Loved the whole show, and all the extra bits: like Craig Terris and Tom Watson of Cassette, Adam Ladley and Nina Seigler of Family Cactus,  Jeremy Taylor and Claire.

I’m absolutely stoked how the Wellington music scene seems to be one big family, they all do their stuff in their individual bands, and are more than willing to join a gig and have fun!!

Videos will follow, it will take a while to process and edit the over an hour of footage 😉

Watch this space!


What a week: school had started up again properly for my kids and I thought I could get into some stuff I had been planning to for months! Well, wishful thinking: on Tuesday Miss6’s cough got so bad I had to keep her at home, and Master8 was starting to sound  like her 🙁 . And with them at home the noise level was reaching unbearable levels.

Add to that the burning desire to create a visual presence on the web, with the knowledge that it’s not as easy as it seems,  the inability to ask and wait for help, and you can maybe imagine the frustration clouding my mind.

And knowing about the problems other friends are facing, which make mine pale into insignificance.

All in all, one confused and mashed up puppy here, trying to get done what I can, in the time it takes and not upsetting anyone in the process.

Let’s give this a try

I’ll try my hand at telling you about the gigs I go to.

Last weekend I had made a big mistake of double booking myself! Mind you, not getting paid I didn’t feel too guilty of flagging one and hanging around for another.

And what a good decision that was:

opening band at the Mighty Mighty in Wellington were the Lookie Loo’s. They pretty quick had a crowd dancing to their music, which certainly rocked.

And then the main gig, Gingerbrown, who just blew me away!

Right from the word go they had the floor heaving to their psychedelic sound: hypnotic keyboard, throbbing & electrifying drums and caressing guitar licks. These guys certainly know how to have fun, and share it. Their instruments seemed to be more extensions of their bodies and minds than tools expertly handled. Their passion for their music was so infectious, they could have played all night and not have lost their hold on the crowd.

All in all, I’m glad I came, and will make sure to catch more of their performances!

“And that’s  all, folks”

Laut, Lauter, Am Lautesten

I’m rediscovering my heritage!


The german punk band Die Toten Hosen.

I first saw them in a small theatre in Bonn, Bad Godesberg, playing the music and some bits in ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Listening to the music now  I can still physically recall the sensation of my arms and legs tingling with the music.

Here’s the classic:  ‘Hier kommt Alex’

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And this is their latest: ‘Strom’

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More here!

PS: to view both videos you need to refresh in between 😉

Another try :-)

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Now, let’s have a look.